As a Man Thinketh

It is extremely difficult to control the thoughts that arise in the mind. Proper control can only be attained with a stilled mind. Hence, it is true what the wise men and women say: “You are what you think”. If you constantly allow illusory thoughts to be in control of your mind, you remain in the prison of the body without the hope or vision of ever transcending these. But the more one thinks in the lines of freedom the more the near the essence Self-Liberation, which is a tricky and most difficult thing to achieve for many.

It is key that one maintains the awareness that they are the solitary Witness of all that Is – the Suchness of all phenomena. This way you become forever free. The inability to see this is the only bondage of all mankind. To think yourself as limited to the body – that which is physically involved in activities – is like the bite of a poisonous snake. But to understand that You, as the Awareness, actually do nothing is the true Wisdom that arises from genuine Faith. This is the only door to true happiness.

Therefore, a simple understanding of “I am Pure Awareness” consumes all delusion and restlessness of the mind in the fire of an instant. That said, you are unbounded Awareness – the source of supreme Bliss – in which the material world appears like the mirage of a snake in a wire cable.

These are the keys to authentic Self-Realization where you get to experience yourself as the solitary Witness of everything around you, which is perfect and all-pervading. This is a clear way to unexcelled Freedom, desirelessness and permanent stillness of the mind.

A new beginning – the world becomes but a mere seeming in You that is made of arising and non-arising causations which you have long transcended into a greater abode of great Enlightenment. Be happy.


15 thoughts on “As a Man Thinketh

  1. Esoteric stuff it’s everywhere and seeks to avoid the worst in human nature and extol the best. Realism accepts the worst and the best and seeks to improve the balance in favour of the better self . As Freud said ‘ we are at war with ourselves’ and that is human nature due to our inner moral conscience. It is often said we must love ourselves before we can love others but a much better doctrine would be we must accept ourselves before we can accept others.

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  2. This is brilliant. Please tell me a little about the spiritual or scientific background of Mr Sigmund. Then kindly explain what you mean by “we should love ourselves first”. What is Love? Please explain further.


  3. I think you already know what love is in the religious sense ; it’s the total acceptance of another person warts and all. Uncritical love , love without judgement the sort that Christians associate with Christ. The reason they do this is they know full well they are far from faultless and they crave love nonetheless. It is a dangerous type of love since it may well prevent change . The better type is contained in the prayer ‘ forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us’.
    As for Freud he was the father of psychoanalysis but it is not considered to be a science since it is not falsifiable by the Karl Popper test. To be fair to Karl Popper he does say that a hypothesis may be useful even if it cannot be proved scientifically.

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  4. It is unfortunate that so many of us are so used to so much noise that we are actually afraid that we cannot exist without it… The shock of silence — the loudness of it — terrifies those in the over-developed world where we cannot be without flashlights, matches, cellphones, and endless and awkward chatter!

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  5. Stop being too diplomatic by calling it “awkward chatter”, just call it “babble and prattle!”
    This is an illness that extends to all mainstream media and institutions of higher learning where men talk all day but in the end fail to touch, even slightly, on the true human purpose on this Earth.

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