Enlightenment – the ultima Thule of the faint-hearted

When one transcends their human frailties into realizing themselves as One, they become serene and indestructible by the mundane activities of life. Such are the ones who gain the transcendental understand that it’s possible to revel in wealth and other goodness’s in life while at the same remaining desireless and non-attached. This is the bliss that many are unable to attain to in the modern world.

Just as imagining diamond in a fake diamond-ring causes greed to arise, so does ignorance of Self-Awareness cause desire for illusion to arise in one’s mind. This is a common aspect in all modern societies where everybody is busy chasing things that just satisfy the periphery – the material body – while completely disparaging the inner Soul as inexistent or as a preserve for the care of God alone. This is the paradox of all modern-day religions and doctrines when people have delegated their own Self-Realization to God and have perfected the delusion of who makes the best offerings to the church pastor and so on.

The wise make special efforts to realize themselves as Suchness by nature – that in which the waves the waves (experiences) of the world rise and fall. This way they save themselves from running around in turmoil like a headless chicken.

This is the way of the Awakened who realize themselves as pure Awareness and as beautiful beyond all description. This way, such great beings cannot remains slaves to lust or mindless desires that just serve to weaken one’s stability and Bliss in the Higher Self.

The valiant Soul, realizing all such incredibly awesome truths jolts forth, as if from a deep trance, in search of something Higher – pure Enlightenment – which is beyond the reach of the ignorant and those who walk around in intellectual arrogance which happens to be another dangerous venom.



11 thoughts on “Enlightenment – the ultima Thule of the faint-hearted

  1. Any addiction — even to wealth — is tiresome. It is an endless game which claims a piece of the soul and gouges out the eyes of awareness with every acquisition. Better to sit by the seashore or beneath a tree in a meadow, where all acquisitions are gifts!

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  2. The loss of the middle, reasonableness even now is a huge factor in the amount of illness and unhappiness. Any extreme causes suffering. “A man who knows he has enough will always have enough.” Lao Tzu – my favorite quote this week 🙂 Your work has been profound this week my friend, I am soaking your words like a sponge!

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  3. Brilliant. It is possible to own everything and yet remain desireless for, it is all about mental addictions. The wisest among two-legged beings know how to transcend all the three realms of the physical, mental and the divine. All is Bliss, incomparable Bliss if practiced right!

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  4. I love the wisdom and humor of these great masters!!! Lao Tzu said of trying to do away with the ego, “it’s like beating a drum in search of a fugitive” and watts added “if you’re going to try to get rid of the devil it’s critically important you give him no advance notice. And if you tell yourself, he already knows because who do you think the devil is” hahahaha

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