Oblivions of a Fearless Seeker

True bliss is beyond conventional behavior

Through wandering long in many places of the world,

He forgets the attachment to his native land.

Staying long with his wise friends,

He subtly ‘forgets’ his kinsmen.

Abiding for long in the great Teaching of Awareness,

He attains complete detachment from unnecessary worldly things (like vainglory etc.).

Through long and keenly watching his monkey mind,

He forgets restlessness and attains stillness and inner-peace.

Long used to blissful innate solitude without people that need their egos to be massaged,

He forgets pretentious courteous manners.

Long accustomed to a carefree life,

He forgets worldly shame and attains fearlessness.

Long accustomed to the mind’s attachments and clingings,

By itself, he forgets how to hide things.

Long accustomed to practicing non-duality,

He becomes free of all distracting thoughts.

Such a one knows the superficial nature of mere customs.

To him, wakefulness is spontaneity itself!

This, being the best litmus-test of his Enlightenment.

The ordinary ways and morals of different societies, cultures, laws and traditions,

Are extremely difficult to practice,

Since they are technically contradictory in nature.

Caring for little, the great seeker lives the way he pleases,

Albeit with a keen and enlightened mindfulness.

The so-called ‘shame’ in any different societies,

Only breeds pretense, deceit and fraud,

Because the people are desperate to fit in the system.

How can the authentic Seeker pretend not to be aware of such frailties?

61 thoughts on “Oblivions of a Fearless Seeker

  1. Thanks again. Feedback of compassionate friends like you has really helped me. I had never been a writer before. I come from a purely mathematical background. So am learning a great deal from such feedback however insignificant it might seem to be at times.


  2. O thank you. I might say that I have a mysterious connection to his appreciation for the mundane. And the fact that he was not a robot like many other presidents who don’t even understand the role of laughter in life. Although some comedians refer to him as the “scarecrow” since his serious face can be scaring in the dark, his lose beard and add to that his straight gait. I completely love his person!


  3. Yes. He abolished slavery effortlessly since that was his calling. Every man is born with a purpose embossed in his DNA. Just that many forget this soon as they become “grown-ups”.


  4. An Unconventional Vampire story. More about the magnetic synchronicity between the main characters and Adnama’s unwillingness to be a monster although damned, to act ironically more humane.

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  5. Indeed, without a history of genius, how would we enrich a present and future. Though we (being a general we). have lost their way or forgot to Care.

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  6. I wonder about the level of detachment that one can muster, whilst remaining part of polite society. I have, though, been working, constantly, to get my fellows to not take themselves and their interests more seriously than that which benefits mankind as a whole. I don’t mean “the greater good”, in the neoliberal, political sense, which I find rather cynical. I mean, rather, that which considers the real needs of the individual and of the planet, as one and the same.

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  7. Yes, poorly baby, by the time I got stronger my Mum had, to my Dad’s disappointed decided she could Not and would not face that uncertainty again.

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  8. Thanks for that great wisdom. We have to step on our ancestors’ shoulders in order for us to bring back the golden age. The future is not separate from the past at all. Thanks for your enlightened view.


  9. Trust me this is possible. Actually, this is the backbone of my message here. That if someone can become fully awakened then they will automatically light up the world around them. This is accordance with the immutable laws that have taken me so many years to master, just that with this small blog space I can never mange to give an exposition of all my discoveries all at once.

    Thanks for this comment, it has really lighted up my mind in a good way. You have given me something to meditate about tonight.


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    a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

    “if you like steampunk, this is a great book for you”

    a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.

    “the essence of steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist”

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