The art of adroit renunciation

The Middle Path of the Truly Awakened

The modern mind is largely incapable of understanding the essence of meaningful renunciation since they are conditioned to see this concept only through the spectacles of asceticism. This is a big mistake. True renunciation is supposed to be effected at a psychological level, as opposed to what many think.

Below is a verse-form elucidation of this oftentimes misperceived phenomenon.

On the well-established seeker of Enlightenment:

For unnecessary possessions, he has little desire.

Since he never over-strives to make more-than-enough money,

First, he doesn’t suffer in the mind,

Because of succeeding in wealth-multiplication;

Then he does not suffer in the mind and soul for keeping it;

In the end he does not suffer

Because of hoarding it.

Better far and happier it is,

To have possessions without mindless attachment to them thereof.

Without mindless attachment to family and friends,

He does not seek approval and vainglory in companionship,

First he does not suffer, psychologically,

Because of love-clinging;

Then he does not suffer,

From any differences of opinions and thought processes;

In the end he does not sink in torment,

Due to separation from family or friends.

The enlightened seeker is well and positively established in innate Solitude,

And transcendently knows the oceanic difference between Aloneness and Loneliness.

Since the Awakened Seeker has no pride and egotism,

He does not hanker for fame and glory.

First, he does not suffer because of seeking of them;

The he does not torment

In trying to preserve them;

In the end he does not torment

For the fear of losing of them.

He subtly knows understands that, to live a truly Blissful life,

It is far much better not to hanker for fame or glory.

Since he doesn’t have untamed desire or attachment for any place,

He doesn’t mindlessly crave to be “here” or “there”.

First, he does not get blemished by his nation’s insecurities,

The he does not torment

From a fervent passion for his country.

In the end, he is not overly anxious to defend it

If circumstances demand so.

The truly Awakened know how to transcend all this as circumstances demand

For, True Enlightenment follows the model of a software that can be installed or uninstalled

According to the needs and capacities of the existing operating system.


14 thoughts on “The art of adroit renunciation

  1. The word can be used to explain why she was previously a lion goddess of the Sun, since life of awareness calls for much diligence – to always not leave anything to chance. To be always wakeful.


  2. sometimes it is better to have the feeling of love/loved than not at all. Lone… being the fulfilment of solitude…sometimes we need family/friends to truly cherish silence when we receive this. The big city you must live in allows you to feel part of a community, like myself living in a huge city. But sometimes it is also lovely to experience peace. I like feeling part of the ‘bigger picture’.

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  3. Yes, the people around us serve to intensify and compound the beatific nature of one’s deeper realizations. In such awareness everything confluences into a great ocean of pure Oneness and Unity.
    The impulsion to feel part of the ‘bigger picture’ arises from a certain level of cultivation, I mean, the vastness of the peace that one has discovered.

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  4. This is why I really like your writing, I agree with all that you say. I normally write abut the earth and the unity within all living things. Livi

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