The Concept of “Half-Baked” Graduates

Philosophy concerning the world’s schooling systems

There are so many weaknesses of all of the world’s schooling systems that nobody bothers to answer because doing so would mean to search for true Enlightenment. One question leads to another, and there are only few men in the world who would be honest enough to see the deficiencies of methods of learning that have been in use for hundreds of years.

One pertinent aspect missing in most educational systems is the essence within – Awareness. Why so?

Having been through the education with an outstanding success myself the gaps in the system served as an important raw material for intensified introspection since I began to wonder why the most educated persons lack the desire to change the world. I have not seen the most learned graduates from the best universities in the world engage in important debates about how humanity can bring back the much-coveted Golden Age where peace and prosperity is a common language for all.

The problem with the world’s education is founded upon the fallacies of capital – whoever has the most capital designs the models for mass education. The truth is, no two people are totally alike. We are not born equally thanks to our accumulated merits and virtues from the past lives. All averages conjured by institutions for their students are outright misconceptions of Reality because no human soul can be accurately contained by numbers and graphs.

The education system, just like the world’s economic systems, have been shaped by its architects (unenlightened minds) such that it relies upon frenzy and emphasis for novelty, for fashion in more than clothing – that is, emphasis for quantity at the expense of quality. This can be used to explain the concept of the “half-baked graduates”.

Below is a joke about the Enlightened Mullah Nasrudin trying to show how robotic most of the education system can be.

The Sufi Master’s Jest: An anecdote

A schoolmaster owed Nasrudin some money, and the Mullah went to collect it.

“I have the money at home, Mullah, but I cannot give it to you now, I have to teach the class”.

The Mullah watched the lesson for a few minutes, then he said: “I have the solution, schoolmaster. I’ll stay here and nod and shake my head on your behalf, while you slip home for the money”.

8 thoughts on “The Concept of “Half-Baked” Graduates

  1. And in the U.S. it is getting worse… Schools are now being coerced into dropping Humanities and embracing education designed to “prepare the student for real-world jobs”… Apparently, there is no desire for such underlings to be bothered with critical thought; otherwise, they might be wont to change things in their favor. And we just can’t have that.

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