The Nine Superhuman Faculties of a Perfect Seeker

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The ability to ask hard questions of data, whether from books, scripture, authorities (in history), or any other “expert” sources. This is the essence of dialectics.

The ability to define challenges independently, to avoid slave-like dependence upon societal or official definitions. This goes a long way in helping one to avoid falling in the trap of conventional assumptions which serve as the mental barriers to Enlightenment.

The ability to scan colossal dross of irrelevant information and to hastily extract the diamonds from the sludge. The diamonds of wisdom are usually scattered among the intellect of all humans. It is true what the wise men say, “Behind every cloud there is a silver lining”.

The ability to conceptualize. This is the single most important aid in the quest for Supreme Enlightenment. The attainment is usually proportional to the mental abilities to idealize the inconceivable experience of Nirvana. Silently, the Seeker becomes the Sought.

The ability to reorganize information and Knowledge into new patterns which enable the realization of different perspective than the tradition. This is the secret of all supremely Awakened Ones.

The possession of an enlightened mind that is versatile in moving among different modes of thought viz. deductive, inductive, heuristic, intuitive, and so on.

Faculty for diligent collaboration with others with whom their paths cross. The wise understand that cooperation is natural while the ignorant are usually deluded into thinking that competition is natural. Furthermore, there is no merit that surpasses that of charity (of Enlightenment).

Superb skillful means in the discussion and elucidation of issues, problems or techniques and methodologies.

Mastery of rhetoric – a penchant for convincing without, really, sweating about it – effortless effort.

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