Way of the Sage

Contradictory endeavors,

Things accomplished and others not –

When does that end and for whom?

Considering this, the True Sage remain subtly desireless,

And let go of all things, albeit at a mental level,

And to the worldly impulsions s/he turns an indifferent eye.

Rare and blessed is one whose attachment to life,

To mere enjoyments and knowledge,

Has been completely extinguished,

By keenly observing the ways of men.

One who,

Through worldly indifference,

And through perfect serenity and transcendental reason,

Discovers his true nature and escapes all illusion,

Is he not a True Sage?

8 thoughts on “Way of the Sage

  1. Whether it is that of least resistance or not…? I do know that my path was and is recognized in the 12th house… Ra Ra Ra they say of me 😅😄 they know it has a little dance too 😅🤗🥇

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