A Mystic Formula

To rouse the desire for True Enlightenment, one should detach themselves from all false ideas first. They should cherish in thoughts without dwelling in form; they should also cherish the arising thoughts without dwelling or getting attached to the sensual perceptions. Whatever thoughts one may have, they are not to dwell or remain attached to anything. This especially applies to kindness and subtle, where focus is on something of essence to the immaterial.

The Supreme Truth is even and neither possesses elevation nor depression and hence called Supreme Enlightenment. It is because a man/woman embraces everything that is good and healthy for his Soul, without entertaining the thought of an Ego, a person, a being and a Soul, he thusly attains the Supreme Enlightenment.

Since the beginningless past we human beings are usually programmed to keep running after objects, not knowing even for an instant where our True Self is; we lose track of our original faces and are tormented all the time by the threatening objective world, regarding it as good or bad, true or false, agreeable or disagreeable and so on and so forth. We are thus slaves of things and circumstances, never finding peace and fulfillments in our accomplishments however great they may appear to be.

All the Supremely Awakened Ones have, in the past, advised that our real position as regards life ought to be exactly the other way. The True Self should give directions in all of one’s dealings in the world. Then all shall be enlightened. That way, one’s body and mind will retain original virtue, bright and shining. While not moving from this venerable seat of enlightenment, one shall be able to light up the world in a unique way that interlinks with the bigger purpose of all of the Cosmos.

5 thoughts on “A Mystic Formula

  1. Perfect beautiful calming moments of joy, are when we allow ourselves to embrace all the beauty around us. Enlightenment is cleansing our thoughts, so we become calm and serene.

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