On the Elocution of a Perfect Buddha


Well worded and significant,

True and sweet,

Deep or plain, or both simultaneous,

Condensed or copious,

Hearing such words as those of a Buddha,

Would not even an opponent

Be convinced that such a One is all-knowing?

Generally, the speech of a Buddha is wholly sweet,

But when necessary it can be otherwise.

But either way, every word is well-spoken,

Because it always achieves its purpose.

Soft or hard, or possessing both qualities,

All his words, when distilled, have but one taste.

Ah! How pure, perfect and excellent a Buddha’s actions can be,

That he can employ those jewel-like words in such a way.

From a Buddhas mouth pleasing to the eye,

Drops words pleasing to the ear,

Like nectar from the moon.

The sayings of a Buddha are like a spring shower,

Settling the dust of illusions,

They are like the sun again and again,

Dispelling the darkness of ignorance,

Like a powerful King’s scepter splitting the mountain of pride.

The speech of a Buddha is excellent in three ways:

Based on facts, it is truthful,

Since its motive is pure, it causes no confusion,

And being relevant, it’s crisply understood.

When first heard,

The words of a Buddha excite the mind,

But when their meaning is pondered over,

They wash away all ignorance and mental addictions.

Truly the words of a Buddha are universal by nature,

They delight the wise,

Strengthen those of middling intelligence,

And profoundly illuminate the minds of the dull-witted.

The sayings and wisdoms of a Buddha coax men from false views,

And draw them towards the perfect Enlightenment,

They remove faults,

And rain down great virtues.

The knowledge of a Buddha embraces all things,

His mindfulness is ever present,

And thus what he says comes to pass,

Because a Buddha never speaks at the wrong time,

Or in the wrong place,

Or towards the wrong person,

His words, like energy properly applied, are never wasted.

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