Incomparable Nirvana

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The Perfect Truth,

Incomparably profound and exquisite,

Is rarely met with,

Even in hundreds of thousands of years,

Thus when one is chanced to see it, to listen to it,

To accept and retain it;

May such a one truly understand the meaning

Of the words of the words of the Fully Enlightened Ones,

Of the past, present and future.

However inexhaustible the mental delusions and addictions are,

One should endeavor to extinguish them.

However immeasurable the paths are that enter Enlightenment,

One should skillfully and adroitly master them.

However incomparable Nirvana is,

One should relentlessly aim to attain it.

13 thoughts on “Incomparable Nirvana

  1. Indeed, dear Radhika. There is no road as fortified, rewarding and endearing as that which leads to the incomparable Nirvana – something that remains to be a fairy tale for many people, in their dreams.

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  2. Nirvana is the place we must find and know. Some people take a lifetime to learn to be profound and exquisite in thoughts and in their life, I have study herbal medicine and at 59 years old. I know what I need now. I enjoyed your words and your thoughts. Old fashion wisdom needed in the fast pace new world.

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