Realizations of an ‘advanced’ Seeker

Awareness that all in the world is impermanent: Political regimes, civilizations and fashions/fads rise and fall in obedience to destiny. The same is true of the human life, which is always in the process of change – constantly being born and constantly succumbing to death.

The human mind is the source of all confusion and delusion – which are extremely difficult to discern – while the body is the source of all actions that do not lead to goodness in the end. If one would meditate on this correctly, they slowly get released from the fetters of spiritual ‘sleep’.

Awareness that uncalculated desire breeds more suffering: All hardships in daily life subtly arise from unnoticeable greed and desire – the need to prove to others one’s worth. Those that are able to transcend desire and unnecessary ambition able to find relaxation and inner bliss for their bodies and minds, free from all entanglement.

Awareness that the human mind is always hankering for possessions and never gets fulfilled: This becomes the root for all impure actions for, the deluded ambition will lead to deluded means and ends in one’s endeavors. The wise have a deep understanding and appreciation of simplicity; and they thusly consider the Realization of perfect understanding as their permanent life career and interest.

Awareness of the extent to which complacency is an obstacle to Enlightenment: For this reason one ought to maintain pure awareness diligently in order to destroy the unwholesome mental factors which binds one to the realm of darkness with no end.




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