The fleeting nature of life

Before I was born, who was I?

After birth, who am I?

We come into this world with happiness and depart with sorrow,

Who is the one on the deathbed with his eyes closed?


It is rare that we live to be seventy,  

And even seventy years come as even a surprise to one for, there are numerous life contingencies and peculiar health-risks in the modern world.  

The first ten years of life we are too young to know anything.  

The last ten years, we are too old to do anything.  

This leaves only fifty good years, half of which we spend in sleep.  

This leaves us only twenty-five years to truly live.  

But do you realize how many obstacles,

We have to endure in these twenty-five years ?

Thus is the difficulty for someone to attain even a slight glimpse of Self-Realization,

Yet the impact has a domino-effect on all that lives…


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