Unobstructed Eloquences of a Seeker

a. Unobstructed eloquence of phrasing enables one to answer any question, however difficult, without perplexity.

b. Unobstructed eloquence of principle (of Truth) is a necessary additive to that of phrasing, because along with having limitless powers of debate, one must always speak in accordance with principle.

c. Unobstructed eloquence of Enlightenment means that no matter what is said, one can counter with a higher principle. There is a saying, “Everything is the Way. Left and right meet the source.”

d. Unobstructed eloquence of delight in speaking (or writing) enables one to obtain the Delight in Speech Meditation. Then, even if the audience is unwilling to listen, one’s words flow like water where no one can resist the current since the state of Nirvana is independent of all outer conditions.


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