The Purity of a Tamed Mind

Just as the skilled carpenter glides, curves and smoothens his wood,

Even so the discerning man straightens his mind –

So fickle and unsteady by nature,

The untamed mind is difficult to guard against errant thoughts.

As a gold-fish when pulled out of the comfortable aquarium,

And cast on open air throbs and helplessly quivers,

Even so is the mind agitated,

When exposed to the light of true Wisdom.

Wonderful indeed, is to subdue the hankering mind,

So difficult to conquer, ever swift and seizing whatever it desires,

Wisdom never becomes perfect in one whose mind is not steadfast,

A guarded and stilled mind brings Infinite Happiness, Bliss and Inner-Peace.


10 thoughts on “The Purity of a Tamed Mind

  1. Agitation leads to exhaustion, which in turns leads to an uneasy peace: and therein the realization dawns that as most of the bad things happen only in our minds, so might the wondrous things — dare we to stop, listen, and let them just be…

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