The Concept of a Teaching Buddha – Part I

Dispensation of the Perfect Buddha

Basically, the dispensation of the Perfect Buddha is synonymous with the True Path,

Its methods are pleasant and its fruits admirable,

It is free from faults and mucks, And it is

Lovely in its foundations, in the middle and in consummation both in letter and spirit.

If an uninformed individual,

Because of their attachment to deluded views,

Condemns a Buddha’s wonderful Teaching,

Then deluded views are their worst enemies.

In a bid to attain Self-Mastery over thousands of lives,

A Buddha endures infinite suffering,

For, this is the only way to acquire the Elixir of Salvation,

And to be of help to those that come across as duly and truly prepared,

To cross the ocean of suffering and mere mortality.

A Buddha’s words and deeds are replete in kindness,

How much more the Teachings of such an individual be imbibed,

With all the vigor as one would use,

To remove a blazing turban from one’s head.

Freedom, the Joy of Enlightenment,

Praiseworthy virtues and inner-peace:

All these four elegant benefits,

Are all gained from the Teaching of a Perfect Buddha.

12 thoughts on “The Concept of a Teaching Buddha – Part I

  1. Thank you so much my Venerable Friend. When a man makes the resolution to become a Buddha in some remote future it’s usually like signing up for endless lessons, some enthralling and some unnoticeable but all in all every little experience culminates in the one Great Ocean of Supreme Enlightenment.

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