Way of the Great Soul

The great Soul remains inflexibly poised and undisturbed,

Whether in the presence of a pleasant lady,

Or observing the approach of his own death.

He is truly Free.

The true Sage sees no difference

Between happiness and misery,

Man and woman, adversity and success,

Everything is seen to be the same, from a deeper perspective.

In the Sage there is neither aggressiveness nor mercy,

Arrogance nor humility, anxiety nor wonder,

His worldly life has been exhausted,

Through arduous effort spanning eons and eons,

He has successfully transcended His role as a person.

14 thoughts on “Way of the Great Soul

  1. To know the proper sage of a life. Take the right path and the right decisions. I carry sage. Write for peace and non-violence. I burn sage by the lake for my world. The world need a day for our world to stop. Learn, every life is valuable and war is shit. A worthwhile write. I wish I could do more. Today seeking peace and non-violence is like spitting into the wind. Can the words be heard?

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  2. Took me many years to find the right path. We gain great wisdom when we learn. We are not so important. What we leave behind and what we did with concern, kindness and love is important.

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  3. Perhaps far too many of us see the role of personhood as physical action while wearing physical masks, so that we spend far too much time in Make-up and Costume to see the stage we stand upon, the theater we command, the audience we move, or the director we should seek to please and the ultimate goal in the morphing of concept into character…

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