​The fish in the sea is thirsty – a Fable

“Mother, what is water?” asked the baby fish of the mother fish.
“Water is what you swim in every moment of your life. Water is what you’re mostly made of.”

“But where is it?”

“All around you.” 

“But I can’t see it,” said the baby.

“Of course you can,” interjected the mother.

“Where?” asked the baby, perplexed.

“Everywhere,” answered the caring mom.

“And I’m made of water?”

“Yes, mostly.”

“And after I die..?”

“You go back to being water,” said the mother.

This is how we, human beings, spend our lives in total bewilderment. The Self is forever unmoving. Yet we are born in Truth and die in Truth. The fallacy lies in the fact that the Ego doesn’t allow us – not even for a second – to get a glimpse of Enlightenment, which the very stuff that the Self is made of.

The ‘fish’ in the sea of life remains thirsty for so many lives that the failure to recognize Truth even when brought near to his eyes he would still not recognize that even for a moment since ignorance and delusion, by design, grow and increase in the likeness of a nuclear fission. In this way, the yoke [picture the yoke that is used to conjoin oxen]  of ignorance becomes so burdensome in a subtle way that every person in the society (and the world, consequently) begins to accept ignorance and superficial ablutions as the perfect way to live a life of true purpose.

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