​On Spiritual Friendship – a Discourse

The wise have a penchant for endearing (spiritual) friends who are disciplined (in the ways of enlightenment), tranquil, serene, outstanding in good qualities, energetic, rich in (knowledge of) scripture, awakened to reality, skilled in speech, compassionate, and indefatigable.
A friend rich in these qualities is a great foundation for one’s own inner growth, something that is underplayed in human relationships yet very essential for well-being at all times; for, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and the other way round. 

The Sage’s Dictionary

Disciplined:  means that the subtle attachments are restrained due to discipline that arises from awareness. 

Tranquil:  means that the mind is internally quieted by discipline in meditative concentration. 

Serene: means the instinctual addictions are eradicated by the discipline of wisdom. 

Outstanding in good qualities:  means that he is unequalled and non-deficient. 

Energetic: means that he is not indifferent to the welfare of others. 

Rich in scripture: means that his learning is not inferior. 

Awakened to reality: means that he correctly understands reality. 

Skilled in speech:  means that he is skilled in the techniques of elocution. 

Compassionate:  means that his mind is free from the desire for material possessions or mental/intellectual burdens. 

Indefatigable:  means that he teaches the ways of Truth continuously and reverently.

9 thoughts on “​On Spiritual Friendship – a Discourse

  1. The is no dependency in this phenomenon. Also all duality fades away. It is the essence of the Unity and Oneness of all that Is. It is a combination of everything, yet remains elusive of all since it’s independent by nature. I hope this expounding helps.

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