A Teaching deep and most profound

Beyond all realms there exists the little-known seat of enlightenment,

The source of supreme strength and awareness;

One will, unless one taste it,

Never understand its power and subtleties.

Only after drinking its rare juice can,

Its strength be felt most deeply,

Yet only the adept Seeker can imbibe it.

The holy teaching of Nirvana

Is deep and most profound,

Yet if one does not practice it,

One sees nothing deep therein.

Only after one has integrated it in one’s life can

One fully understand its depth.

An all-perfected Guru’s enlightenment experience, insight, and instructions

Are always most effective and precise,

Yet those of little weight cannot ‘receive’ them.

They are only available to the able patron that is duly and truly 

Prepared by past causations and adroit effort 

To progress greatly on the path to the unexcelled Nirvana.

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