The Compassion of Nature

Poetry in action, awareness in reaction
Source: The Compassion of Stone

Remote mountains are safe havens for tigers and beasts,

Solitude is a great source of bliss for the meditative and contemplative,

The vast ocean ocean collects water from all rivers,

Nirvana is a consummation of all merits and virtue accumulated through arduous and unerring effort,

Idle charter gives rise to unnecessarily much gossip,

Troubles come from pushing too hard and beyond one’s means,

A face with no anger or remorse is a pure offering,

A mouth that speaks love, joy and bliss is fragrant and eternally fresh,

A heart with joy and realization of Self is a priceless treasure,

A mind that knows purity becomes the seat of supreme enlightenment,

True Nirvana is beyond all time and limits of space.

10 thoughts on “The Compassion of Nature

  1. And isn’t stone the best of teachers… immovable, awesome and so permanent to our perception… yet all the while always in a state of Becoming and Transformation, being made more and less by wind, water, fire and earth…

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