Way to Happiness – Part II

He who understands that all things are superimpositions of his mind,

And that all that all with which he meets are friendly,

Is ever joyful.

But he who squanders his life away,

Unable to still his restless mind,

Carrying boundless remorse to his grave,

Such a person is ever sad.

He who possesses a thorough realization of the Self,

And he’s at ease with the self-sustaining ultimate Reality,

Is ever joyful.

He who is enslaved by his desires, cravings, prejudices, attachments and clingings,

Insatiable and always longing after something,

Is evermore sad.

He who attains transcendence of all forms without effort,

And is always immersed in enlightenment,

Is ever joyful.

He who merely clings to words and ephemeral experiences and things,

Unseeing of the mind,

Is ever sad.

A good Seeker transcends all worldly ties,

Realizing all in the world is akin to magic and illusion,

Is ever joyful.

He who mindlessly devotes himself to material pleasures alone,

Taxing his body and mind with endless sensuality,

Is ever sad.

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