​Enlightenment as an Art

It is usually befitting that the discerning and beautiful-minded to take up the spirit of enlightenment, since it is endowed with incomparable virtues. Its supreme awareness stage is the unsurpassed cause of multi-dimensional benefit and happiness. In addition to this, it is the all-time inexhaustible source of supreme, authentic bliss and beauty.
Due to enlightenment’s endowment with great virtues and merits upon one, one’s individual aims – ambitions – are fulfilled in life. And since perfect enlightenment is the ultimate causation for true help and happiness, other’s aims regarding life and awakening are fulfilled concomitantly. 

Given that perfect enlightenment is the gold mine of irreproachable, unexcelled and inconceivably boundless inner-bliss, one comes to dwell in a distinctive bliss in a peculiar constancy. It is always, therefore, fitting that the genuinely intelligent person should embrace the vow for supreme awakening and so take up the magnificent spirit of enlightenment.

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