Essence of meditation

Stare, for a long while, at the vast expanse of the ocean. Its surface may be turbulent, with waves violently crashing, spewing millions of water droplets into the air. But as you dive deeper, the turbulence subsides; at its depths is unfathomable silence and peace. Ordinarily one may experience only the surface of their mind’s periphery reverberating with the crashing waves of feelings, emotion, millions of thoughts like tiny drops of water flying in every direction.

Correct meditation helps one to dive deeply into their mind, and in the process, uncover hidden treasures – stores of merits of wisdom. As one discovers the deeper aspects of their mind, they become better able to remain in pure awareness of their thoughts, actions, and their reactions to the external world. “Who am I?” “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?” are some of the questions whose answers are revealed as one’s feeling of individual existence merges with infinite awareness.

Therefore, the human mind is like the ocean reflecting the image of the moon. It is possible to see the reflection of the moon on the water only when the water is calm, not when the waves are turbulent. Similarly, the pure consciousness can only be totally revealed when one’s mind has attained calmness and stillness – when the ever-agitated waves of thought, desire and attachments have completely ceased. This is the quintessential door to the great treasures’ store called enlightenment.

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