Idiosyncrasies of the Fully Awakened

That seed of perfect enlightenment,

That diamond-like mind of the supremely awakened to the perfect reality,

Only such a one knows its essence,

Many others perpetually remain far from understanding it.

“Nirvana is not worn without perseverance”:

Thinking thusly, such persons rouse great energy and will,

Without a single selfish thought.

They progress towards excellence, never faltered,

And eventually they attain,

To the state of wisdom and bliss that cannot be bettered.

But such great heroes don’t practice in order to merely experience

The pleasant and fruitful benefits of meditation,

Always in their hearts the motive Is great compassion.

For that inner-happiness which, though sublime,

Yet cannot be exhaustively shared with others,

That excruciatingly pains rather than pleases,

Those beings of supreme enlightenment.

As such they make a conscious effort to imbibe good speech,

Bad speech they shun like poison,

And from admixture of speech they adroitly extract what is of paramount sweetness.

Ever willing to purchase words of wisdom even with their own lives,

Ever zealous for enlightenment,

And striving through extensive time and period,

Accompanied only by their firm resolve,

They eventually gain the highest state.

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