Satya Yuga – The New Age of Purity

From age to age,

From one cosmic cycle into another,

Descends most reliable and dependable Avatars,

To millions of beings that realize in full light their true purpose in life,

Armed with a teaching most impeccable in its beginning and the climax,

Till far its echoes roll away,

Into the vastness of eternity,

24 thoughts on “Satya Yuga – The New Age of Purity

  1. In that single sentence you have captured the entire essence of this new Aquarian Age we are talking about, where the intelligent will see much need to rise a place over and beyond all religions – the true religion itself.

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  2. Clearly we are at the climax of Kali, as the Hindu avatars correctly predicted but it seems everyone fell asleep and forgot about this opportune moment. Everyone, apparently, has been forcefully converted into paganism. This happened without the awareness of the so-called pundits and high priests. All such practices as you have mentioned I can confidently say they have become void of all ritual and now it doesn’t matter since mankind’s decadence has reached to a level where his worship and prayer has reached the levels impervious to the ears of the Most High. I can explain this in a million different ways just to help you understand.


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