The perpetual fight between ego and consciousness

Once upon a time in North Carolina, a family had an eagle for a pet, and he had been trained to act the gentleman. They liked to watch him walking majestically around the yard. He was a powerful bird, but became ill, and one day while he was recuperating they left the door of his cage open.

A rooster from next door, known for being a troublemaker, walked into the yard, spied the eagle, and went for him. The eagle was at a loss to know what the rooster was trying to do to him. Then it dawned upon him that he was being attacked. He drew himself up in all his dignity, reached out with one mighty talon, took the rooster by the neck, stepped on his back with his other claw, and pulled his head off.

This is a perfect illustration for the nature of the monkey ego-mind – the eagle. At one moment one feels that they have attained perfect stillness and peace then after sometime the ego gains strength and comes back to crush the carefully cultivated awareness. This is the challenge for everyone.

The restless mind caused by the interference of the ego can best be cured through one’s concentrated effort for attainment of pure vision. At this stage the ego gets to disappear in its entirety, and the pure awareness that has roots established in the spring of the One Source becomes immanent to one’s perception of the objective reality.

Such is the path that leads to supreme bliss that arises in enlightenment without remainder, thanks to one’s single-minded resolve and dedication thereof.

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