The philosophy of blogging

We are at the climax of civilization where a son in the heart of Africa can joyfully share quintessential knowledge with a friend situated thousands of miles away in a different part of the globe. I doubt if things can get any better than they already are. Such a taste of the Golden Age our predecessors never experienced at all. That means the knowledge of the greatest Teachers, Philosophers and Masters in the remote history has had to go through much change before it could finally reach us. This means if men like Zarathustra, Lord Buddha, Lao Tzu, Socrates, Vishnu and Jesus were to incarnate in the modern day to re-Teach or revise their holy Teachings, they would definitely prefer the blogging platform. They would look at the mainstream media and publishing houses with extreme suspicion and would never repeat the mistake of depending on their learned disciples to pass on the glorious message of Enlightenment to the future generations.

More than the theologian, the psychologist, the scientist and the sociologist, the blogger can truly articulate the complex nature and condition of human life. This is not to say that the works of the aforementioned lack significance or value. On the contrary, works of enlightenment rely much upon the findings and insights of these intellectual professionals to craft models that can help in the understanding of life’s purpose and the cosmic nature in all its richness and complexity. But it is only the perfect Guru who has the intrinsic capacity to bring the ideas and spirituality of these and other disciplines in order to formulate a comprehensive illumination of life.

In our modern civilization knowledge has become so specialized that it has become increasingly for intelligent persons to rise above their careers and realize the one awareness that is a nexus for all disciplines. It is for this reason that the career of an accomplished Guru is considered superior to many others – the saint, the scientist, the philosopher, the artist et al. – who are all brilliant masters of different bits of specialties, but never get to understand (realize) the whole hog. To awaken is to attain ultimate attunement to the Cosmos.

While all discipline-specific studies and endeavors examine and explicate only one facet of existence, the luminous blog is a “book of life”. A blog is a living thing, unlike books, annals, canons and other such-like materials that are usually replete in cobwebs of uncertainty to arising of new edicts in different places through history that render the first work less relevant. This, especially, is a challenge common to all doctrines and lines of knowledge. I have in the past heard that Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and Zoroaster – that none of these would recognize most follower of the religions founded in their name as their bona fide disciples.

Hence, as time goes by and by, the people who will want a fully bloomed and blossomed and unbiased understanding of being-in-the-world, they will begin to have a careful study of blogs, which is why the greatly compassionate blogger admonishes his reader: “Turn truly and honorably to the blog, and see wherein you are man alive, and wherein you are dead man in life”.

10 thoughts on “The philosophy of blogging

  1. Yes, blogs can be great platforms for putting vital information “out there” which can help people in many ways – whether through allowing for self examination, collecting facts to help in becoming better informed on important issues or possibly in grasping the essence of facts and knowledge and converting it to wisdom.

    However, many people fall prey to manipulators who have a selfish, hidden agenda which is deviously propagated through blogs as well as corporate media. We must be vigilant in helping people distinguish the difference.

    Nice post. 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much for your great cognition of my purity of intention in teaching the essence within every being.

    You are right in all ways possible, we must herald an inevitable pending shift in consciousness in this day and age; something that will happen gradually after our concerted effort to light up the Earth with our realized and established enlightenment.


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  3. “that Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and Zoroaster – that none of these would recognize most follower of the religions founded in their name as their bona fide disciples”: Couldnt agree more. Well said.

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