Awareness of location in time

Invisible time and space dominates the life and activities of every civilized person or industrial community in the world. Therefore, though time is intangible, it is something that all human beings naturally embrace, and are forced by circumstances and phenomena long out of the control of anyone, to take extremely seriously – both at an individual, societal and universal level. Over two thousand years ago the Greek poet, Aeschylus, propounded to his audience: “Time is the greatest teacher”.

Indeed there exists many muddled differences from individual to individual and between various classes of professionals, artists, philosophers, scientists, politicians, theologians, housewives, agriculturalists and so on, in the ways in which they regard time and apply themselves towards the future. Of particular interest is the point at which they all cease and glibly begin to take time for granted – where they find it too complex to warrant thinking about.

Mankind, in his ordinary nature, is unable to perceive a higher essence of the vastness of time for the simple reason that that would oblige him to cultivate his awareness, permanently abandon his intrinsic selfishness that makes him unable to jump out of his ethereal body to be a part of a higher purpose that is scribbled in his soul during creation. To transcend time and space means to aspire for supreme enlightenment which is the absence of all ignorance, intellectual arrogance, delusion and confusion.

The prevailing circumstances of any individual, at any given moment, differ from that of another. This is because we are all at different evolutionary stages of inner development where the truly wakeful no longer views things as haphazard events of nature that just happen but, rather, as part of a larger picture that is not yet complete. That is, they are, as he gets to discover, for a large part at least, the result of uncountable combination-permutations of the matrices of various causes-and-effects.

By far, the most of a man’s life and circumstances in the present is a subtle function of his deeds, merits, virtues and victories accumulated in his past lives, as well as the present. The same concept can be extrapolated to gain a peek into the bigger picture of the inner evolution of beings, societies and different civilizations with respect to the parameters of time and space.

17 thoughts on “Awareness of location in time

  1. Happy Monday. I was reading your beautiful stories and a question struck me unexpectedly: why dont you prefer to break your work into paragraphs. As a reader I can say its always easier and more enticing to move from one paragraph to the next, it somehow gives the mind a break and rejuvenation.

    Happy Mondays too!

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  2. You know what ?as my posts are getting longer and longer you are right and I thought about but then remembered an advice of a friend who suggested not to do it but obviously I should have gone with my guts.Thank You for taking time to read ,comment and advice.Please keep doing it,advising mostly as you have a beautiful way to write.❤️

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  3. Time… sitting looking out over a park, on my day off. And the sounds of wind moving the trees, peace and the awakening calmness, makes me feel wonderfully content. I believe Time is our own making, many choose to do nothing! Some choose to embrace all that is important in this hectic world……..What I do know is I AM VERY GLAD I Chose the time to read your blog today. Thank you for helping me remain content 🙏🏻🦋

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  4. it makes so much sense that we have lived more than in one human-body timespan (and will live more..there seems to be not much speculation about what we WILL be, rather than what we have been)….also makes for interesting thoughts on what you’ve been responsible for (that may come back and bite you next time around). Personally I’d rather sit out the next few as a pine tree or something, take a break Thanks for the thoughts!

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