Inner-Freedom – the true source of infinite happiness

There is an inherent hunger for limitless freedom and happiness within every person. We seek freedom from the bondage of time, place, and person. We want to surmount time, replacing walking with supersonic travel; we try to expand our spatial boundaries with instantaneous communication and transport systems, stretching even into outer space. We attempt to surpass our personal limitations with dramas, masks, stories, personal love (trying to merge with another) and with endless attempts to create the “new me.” All these attempts lead to exploration, invention, and efforts at social, political, economic, and sexual freedom. But the only absolute freedom is to go beyond material progress and reach for expanded consciousness.

This reaching, this search for something greater, is our innate nature, our intrinsic Truth. Everything in the universe has its nature. Intrinsic Truth is that which maintains the structural integrity of something, without which that entity could not exist. The innate nature of fire is its capacity to burn. The nature of most of the animal kingdom is to eat, drink, procreate, and sleep; various species have their species-specific Truth, such as the honey-making nature of bees.

The most significant quality that sets human beings apart from animals has to do with the evolution of our consciousness; we can call it our “perfect nature.” We, too, have the animal instincts for Self-preservation, but we also have a longing for the Great – Nirvana – though more often than not we may not be aware of this in a single life. It is that part of you that remains unsatisfied with appeasing the animal instincts, that propels you toward more elegant fulfillment and the search for infinite happiness.

Yet unending happiness and Self-actualization can never be attained by merely fulfilling one’s desires with material things or intellectual substances, which happen to be finite by nature. Even personal relationships are, sadly, temporary; one’s family and dearest friends will one day pass away or disappear.

The only way the desire for infinite happiness can be fulfilled is by establishing oneself in the infinite, by merging one’s consciousness with the all-knowing supreme consciousness – perfect awareness. Whether one consciously knows it or not, this is their innate goal and secret life-purpose. This is where one’s perfect nature eventually takes them.

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