Keys to impeccable serenity

The mind is not in any way a separate function from the knowledge it perceives – that is, there is no object apart from mind. This is regardless of whether one knows the essence of the mind or not, the mind is itself the object. This is the first step towards the transcendence of dualities and polarities.

The adept individual investigates the scriptures (and other pertinent philosophy) and thoroughly examines them with a constant Self-inquiry. In addition to that, the wise understand that the aforesaid ought to be skillfully experienced through conscientious attitudes that are beyond words/language and which happen to be experientially uniform. This is because enlightenment is an exact science where the fruit does not fall far from the tree (of effort).

Thusly, one gets to know the path of true serenity to be the synthesis of the words of the particular Teaching and philosophy in question. This is complimented by understanding the path of transcendental insight to be the deep analysis of the inner meaning of the Teachings and philosophies at hand. This helps one to gain a certain balance in the orientation of awareness where one is able to cultivate equanimity, while employing oneself perseveringly and devotedly.

In the climax, one is able to obtain a free-flowing pure-awareness in his mind, first with volitional effort (meditation and concentration) and then, through repeated and conscious practice, effortlessly. The end-result is impeccable serenity.

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