The Perfect Master – Part II

On Transcendent Wisdom

There are various stages in the path to the Ultimate. The perfect Master is he who has attained inexhaustible prowess in the Liberative Art having walk that same path multiple number of times and thusly gaining access to all the stores of treasure. Such is the kind of person that has a subtle talent and intelligence to fulfill wishes (due to incomparable wakefulness) in his transactions with others thanks to his mastery for restraining body and speech, infinite tolerance, helping without expectation of reward, gladdening and resolving doubts concerning Truth. As such, he is skilled in developing other beings, as it is in all life endeavors of life and careers – that great lessons in any discipline or subject can only be taught by the best tutors.

Transcendent wisdom is the final stage of the holy path to supreme enlightenment. However, there are several other accessories that have to be acquired before one’s consciousness can transmute into this final phase. It is an interesting journey for sure. These steps are taught in a particular chronology because the latter attainment arises solely depend on the former. The merits and virtues acquired usually have progressively superior statuses and they also grow progressively subtle until the final realization where Truth is learned through subtler means.

Therefore, each stage arises with respect to its immediate precedent. I shall highlight these transcendences herewith. The person who transcends attachment to possessions is automatically concerned with morality; the moral persons attains great tolerance; the tolerant person skillfully exerts efforts in his Search; the energetic person is he who attains great meditative concentration; and the person of such great concentration intuitively understands the perfect Reality. The emphasis here is on this last stage where the spiritually advanced learner understands the futility of language, words and intellectualism in trying to acquire perfect enlightenment.

Transcendent wisdom is superior to all the other stages. Therefore, generosity (the first quality in the ladder) is coarse – easy to enter and easy to practice [the philanthropists fit well here] – while morality is more subtle, harder to enter and practice [ascetics fit here very well] ; and so on up to coarser contemplation and subtler wisdom.
The trick unfathomable to many is that, for each of these stages, Self-Realization is based on condition, the conscientious attitude of the seeker, the level and strength of her aspiration, her skill in the liberative art and Self-mastery. The insatiable aspiration for perfect enlightened ensures that she does not relax the process to the Ultimate Goal.

The pith of enlightenment – a Zen story
Seppo went to the forest to cut trees with his disciple, Chosei. “Do not stop until your ax cuts the very center,” Seppo warned.

“I have cut it,” the disciple replied.

“The old Masters transmitted the teaching to their disciples from heart to heart,” Seppo continued.

“How about vour own case?”

Chosei threw his ax to the ground, saying, “Transmitted!”

The teacher took up his walking stick and struck his beloved disciple.

…End of riddle.

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