Dust-speck meditation

Unmon, a Zen Master, was asked by a monk, “What is the dust-speck meditation like?”

Unmon replied, “Inside the bowl is rice; inside the bucket is water.”


The dust-speck level of meditation is elusive to many because it is the deepest where many Truths become revealed spontaneously because all desire and non-being becomes totally eliminated, effortlessly so. It is something close to a deep, contemplative concentration.

In truly deep meditation, numerous wisdoms, realizations and ‘worlds’ are revealed in a speck of dust – the least significant phenomena or events that one may encounter or witness. This can go further to emphasize the need for one to be wakeful at all times in order to discover “substance (essence) from the insubstantial”. Therefore the speck of dust contains the whole universe; the dew drop contains the entire ocean in it.

The speck of dust consists of the whole world if only we one has the deeper concentration to see it. If one keenly and properly looks within themselves, the whole world and universe is to be found therein. The reality is the same in all that is in the cosmos.

Maybe if Alexander the Great knew this he would have lived to a ripe old age full of wisdom and realization.

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