Kalki Avatar – the last World Teacher from the ‘Whispered Lineage’

In the sky of the Cosmic Divinity, beyond Soul-world,
Gathering the clouds of an ever-flowing compassion,
He bowed down at the feet of the gracious Lords,
The shelter and refuge of all beings!

In the holy lands of the ancient East,
Though many Teachers boasted much,
The most famous and immortal Gurus –
The Buddha, Vishnu, Zoroaster, Parasurama and many others –
Who, like the sun and moon, lit up the entire world.

Their Heart-son was Kalki,
Who mastered the Liberative Art,
Was the host of all gods and goddesses,
And will undoubtedly attract well-endowed friends,
For, throughout his past lives, hearing of the appearance of the great Masters,
Praised by all seekers of that time,
He wholeheartedly yearned to see them and single-mindedly served them.

He sought and served the great Masters with all his strength,
Sometimes renouncing an entire kingdom,
While giving up his own life at other times as a fulfillment of vows to save beings.
Upon seeing the great Masters he swooned in ecstasy,
Bowed at their feet and earnestly sought the profound pith Instructions,
That would in future lives lead to the unexcelled, complete, perfect enlightenment,

His father the Buddha said, during the ‘transmission of the lamp’,
“By the mercy and blessing of boundless Nirvana and all the gods and devas,
I have passed on to you this sword-like Teaching,
Sharp enough to cut the chains of human suffering and ignorance,
Go forth and restore the keys to Enlightenment in the distant future,
My dear and most beloved Son.”

Indefatigably exerting his body, mind and speech,
Sometimes appearing in the world as a pauper,
And some other times appearing as a revered prince,
He worked hard to please the Masters.

Looking at his fervor and inflexible devotion,
With omniscient eyes, the Masters said kindly:
“Due to various unavoidable circumstances in all places in the world,
The Instructions concerning the path to supreme enlightenment for all beings,
Are not perfect today;
Some are deficient while others are overdue.
Though one may risk a terrible headache
Imparting them to one’s disciples,
Little profit can they bring at any given time.
In the days of defilement such as those that will overwhelm the minds of many during the 21st century,
People will have little or no time for studying Truth,
While their other activities will be awarded plenty of time and resources.
Therefore at that time, waste not your time with mere studies,
But adeptly practice the Essential Teachings.”

To practice correctly is to conquer the fear of the death of the ego-mind,
The adept meditate hard and resolutely,
Converting into blessings their thoughts.
Thusly they gain the capability to transmit to other determined beings,
The Inner Experience and unexcelled blessings,
Effectively imparting the profoundest Pith-Instructions,
Which when exercised helps one reach the state of supreme Relaxation.

20 thoughts on “Kalki Avatar – the last World Teacher from the ‘Whispered Lineage’

  1. When does kalki come?? Does he just please the masters or does he come to earth to spread the teaching of his masters?? Will the world listen to his teachings, and if the answer is a yes, then how do you know he hasn’t come yet. If the answer is no, then when do you suppose in this kalyuga does he appear?.
    Was this too much rambling for one person

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  2. Yes it was too much rambling for one person, and not for the world. Such an individual would have the Realization that it’s not his obligation at all to save the world. He just pleases the Masters because that gives him more contentment than the most-difficult task of trying to awaken others. It’s better to just worship, its easier that way – to perfect the qualities one has been good at in their remote past. What else could be more Blissful?


  3. It’s fine, there are some questions which have no answers, should not have answers. Kalki has to come, one day he will come. The world believes, like all the avatars, he will come say his words and pass on. I think those days are gone. His time would be an Era of swift judgments

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  4. Not what the Indian scripts say. There are 3 gods, the trimurti Brahma creator, shiva the destroyer and vishnu preserver. And vishnu takes avatars on this earth. Kalki would be his last avatar. That’s what the Hindus believe

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  5. Yes you are right. All scriptures, not just Hindu, have their own style so as to ensure there is coherence in worship. Do you ask yourself why Kalki is the only guy that will see that all religions need to be ‘destroyed’ in order to make a ‘new’ one? I would very much love to hear your answer on this question.


  6. No. Kalki would not be here to start a new religion. Because the teachings of every religion is the same. It is, we humans who have interpreted it as we want. Religion is faith. God is faith. There are times, before surgery, when I tell my patients that if they don’t believe in God, then they should take their parents’ name, and that would be equivalent to worshipping God. And it works. When we connect with the energy of the universe, it is faith. It is our God. Our beliefs help us to concentrate on our faith.
    Humanity and kindness, what else is needed to attain moksh. These are totally my beliefs, has nothing to do with anyone else’s beliefs.
    I have seen bad people worshipping really hard in temples and long, and then coming out to insult others – what is the use of that worship, I wonder. I would rather know people who might not believe in anything but who do good to others. I also realize that doing good at all times requires strength. I wish that if people can’t do good then at least, they should refrain from doing bad.
    These are purely my ways of life, they work for me. I do not claim to have any great understanding of the ways of enlightenment.


  7. Woah! This is extremely beautiful and a perfect explanation of a holy way of life. You are right in every way for, true religion should first be established on a firm foundation at the individual level as it is evident in your case. That is the essence of moksha. There is no better way to gain merits than doing good, which requires effort (energy) since that is how it works. To refrain from doing bad is a great way to live since that is the foundation upon which authentic morality is attained and cultivated.

    Thanks for your profundity.

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