Philosophy concerning youth

That history is remarkable of an individual who create a firm foundation of wisdom during their youth. Naturally, even if such persons do not live to narrate it someone else will do. Moreover, a life lived through pure wakefulness would, in times yet come, present a table of the internal circumstances of a holy and conscious life, which would very much tend to invite to it eager minds of virtuous and meritorious endeavors.

All that contributes to the Awakening of a supremely enlightened individual is connected with the details of the manners and situation of the civilization of the day; and in this case I do not think the writings of renown and supremely enlightened ancient figures can be more interesting to a true judge of human nature and society (the world). But these, in my humble opinion, are small reasons compared with the opportunity that such a youth-model would provide for the forming of future great men that will endeavor to unearth the most elusive secrets of life and the Liberative Art which is the best way for improving the qualities of private character, and consequently attaining true happiness and fulfillment.

Of course the modern education systems only provide scanty know-how about life itself – probably 25% – and the rest has to be acquired through arduous self-education and seeking. As far as awareness and true wisdom is concerned, schools usually proceed upon false or presumptuous principles and show a clumsy apparatus pointed at a false goal – wealth, vainglory, power etc. But the apparatus of an enlightened youth should be simple, and the life goal a supreme and sincere one. While young persons (in all societies) are usually left depraved of other skillful means of estimating and becoming prepared for a blissful and fulfilling course of life, the inner discoveries of an enlightened youth would be invaluable in many a man’s private and public life.

It is in youth that we plant our chief awareness, habits and prejudices; it is youth that we commit our indulgences as to profession, pursuits and so on. In youth, therefore, the chance for planting the roots of a wise and fulfilling life is planted; in youth the merits and virtues of the future are acquired. Thus, the term of life extending but from youth to age ought to have a magnificent foundation. The biography of a well-spent youth would not only teach others Self-Realization, but the education of a supremely wise man; and the wisest men and women would generate the intention to improve their own progress on the path to enlightenment, by seeing such an enlightened conduct of another enlightened man.

8 thoughts on “Philosophy concerning youth

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  2. Aging is a cause of concern for many because it shows the signs of aging and the shape begins to change whether the face or body shape and most men and women try to resist as much as possible the appearance of signs of aging and maintain the appearance of youth and to achieve this goal there are some things to follow in order to delay signs of progress Age to appear, and to keep young people as long as possible can follow these habits on a daily basis

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