The Ultimate Guru is one’s Mind

The Ultimate View is to observe one’s mind
Steadfastly and with determination.
If one searches for the ‘holy’ View outside one’s mind,
‘Tis like a blind man seeking in vain
For a piece of highest-quality-and-carats piece of invaluable diamond.

The Ultimate Action is to cease
Taking and abandoning.
To take and to abandon is to be
Like a bee trapped in a net.

The Ultimate Bliss is to rest
At ease in the ultimate view.
If one seeks the Bliss-without-modalities
Outside the mind, it is like
Lifting the floodgates of a dam.

The Ultimate Attainment is the full conviction
Of one’s mind.
If one seeks elsewhere the transcendent wisdom,
It is like a turtle trying
To leap into the sky.

The Ultimate Guru is one’s own mind
If one seeks elsewhere a Guru,
It is like trying in vain
To get rid of one’s own mind.
The summum bonum is
That all forms are nothing but the mind itself!

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