In the world, not of it

One cannot approach the ultimate reality until they are able to think that a person quite ordinary in appearance and in life can experience higher states of mind regardless of their class, race, creed and temperament. Pure awareness is the substance of that current which can develop man to a higher stage in his evolution. Yet this path is not contemptuous of the mundane world. In fact, it uses it as a function to derive the desired results. To be in the world, but not of it, is the aim.

I shall provide a Sufi tale with Mullah Nasrudin as the Perfect Master to encapsulate this discourse.

Nasrudin found a falcon sitting on his windowsill. He had never seen a bird of this kind before.

“You poor thing”, he said, “how were you ever allowed to get into such a state?”

He clipped the falcon‟s talons, cut its beak straight, and trimmed its feathers.

“Now you look more like a bird”, said Nasrudin.

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