Sufism: To put all duality away

I have put duality away –

One I seek, One I know, One I see, One I call.

Mosques and the churches, from end to end

I surveyed; He was not in either of these.

I went to the much-acclaimed temples, to the ancient shrines,

No single trace was visible there.

I bent the reins in search to the different societies and recluses in the world over,

He was not in the resort of old and young.

I gazed into my own Heart;

There I saw Him, He was nowhere else!

26 thoughts on “Sufism: To put all duality away

  1. Sufism, since the period Islam was still growing as a relegion talked of a direct connection of one to the supreme power through mysticism!
    This was a movement to suppress the difference between christianity and Islam… It is still looked up as the same!!

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  2. Yes. Was a great and expedient way that was invented from the seeds of Zoroaster to connect oneself “directly to the supreme being”, by the virtue of transcending the sectarian biases. This is a beautiful of perfection of one’s own enlightenment.

    It equates to the ” tenth bull of Zen “. Are you conversant with that?

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