The art of teaching without teaching

Teaching about the art of inner liberation is an uphill task. Therefore the necessity for excessive social, public-relations or emotional (conforming) ingredients in a teaching situation is something that a Perfect Guru or Master or Spiritual Teacher wittily denies. This is in sharp contrast to other heterodox paths of knowledge, educations and persuasions, whose advocates and gurus invariably, in theory and in reality (in letter and in spirit) strive to include as many subjective and societal ingredients as possible in teaching methods and endeavors.

There exists an astonishing parallel in the perfectly enlightened Teacher’s insistence on the relatively superior power of subtle communications and how that positively affects man. There is a scientific discovery that perfectly proves this concept: All living things, including man, are incredibly sensitive to waves of extraordinarily weak energy – when more robust influences are absent.

This means that people would usually imbibe and embrace half-truths merrily if they lack the knowledge of the existence of superior truths. Also, the highest Truth cannot be simplified or altered to a certain extent in order to merely suit the comfort zones of the audience. Moreover, the Ultimate Teaching cannot be conditioned upon anything in order to fit the existing order-of-things in society/world.

Below I shall share a Sufi story to provide more understanding how difficult it is for many people to teach on a given subject without avoiding defilements that root from the unenlightened mind.

There is a story about a man (an enlightened Sufi Master) who went to a dictionary-compiler in ancient Iran and asked him why he was interested in money (as was evident in his published work). The lexicographer was surprised and said: “Where did you get that idea?”

“From your own writings”, said the visitor.
“But I have only written that one dictionary”, said the author.

“I know, and that is the only of your books which I have read”, said the other man.

“But the book contains a hundred thousand words! And out of those I don’t suppose that more than twenty or thirty are about money”.

“What are you talking about all the other words for”, said the visitor, “when I am just asking you about the words for money?”

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