Art of irreproachable love

The world, as we know it,

Stands upon a great flood of suffering and misery,

In the unfathomable darkness of ignorance;

How could the art of saving (loving) it, indeed,

Fail to be irreproachable?

Such inexhaustibly merciful love in the Fully Wakeful,

Is blameless and perfectly transcendent.

Ordinarily, mundane love is made of the stuff of craving.

Even the love of those who dwell in mundane compassion –

Saints, philanthropists, recluses, disciples, charismatics et al –

Though irreproachable,

Is still largely mundane.

But the unconditional love of the perfectly Awakened

Is made of the stuff of pure compassion,

And is both irreproachable and transcendent of all.

5 thoughts on “Art of irreproachable love

  1. So many have forgotten the true nature of love. I learned a great painful lesson. I fell madly in love with a man who ultimately stopped speaking to me. My fear if Losing him, being hurt by him, etc manifested into both losing and being hurt. For a year I fought myself trying to let him go, get over it, etc. then one day I realized this was control. This was fear. I realized too it didn’t matter if he spoke to me or was even in my life because love is not currency. It’s not a transaction. Through my overwhelming love for him, and as I saw these conditions fall away, I found it for myself. How can I love someon else so intensely and not share it within, and in so doing, share it with all? We watch movies and mistake romance with love. Yet love can’t be disbursed, we don’t own it, we don’t anything. You are either connected with love, or you are separated and in fear. And even then, it’s not to say love is not there, it’s merely in disguise. It’s the great teacher.

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  2. Wow. This is a profound statement. I have also become more awakening following failures of my love for others. The heartbreaks really awaken the subtle in us. This was a most enlightening experience you had. No wonder you are different after it. This is great courage you have gained; and wisdom.


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