5 thoughts on “Life as a theatrical play

  1. Philip I’ve been trying to connect with this, and I realize there is no try. Yet…I cannot answer the question of who I am Behind my eyes in words any longer, as they were all given by someone else. I know I am more than this incarnations ego, yet I do not know the eternal I. I know we are all connected, but the wisdom and understanding hasn’t rested in yet. I saw yesterday (while watching my son’s prayer service) “ego sum via veritas er vita” I am the way, the truth, the life. For one, I never realized ego is I in Latin hahahaha but then I think the name of god is I am that I am. To me this all suggested when you align with the eternal I, beyond this incarnations I, as ego cannot be transcended it is more a lens you look through – the two eyes, you have the true ego, the third eye, which is connected to divine. In that divine connection and when you speak there, you are the creator. Such that I am a writer, you are a writer. Whatever you speak of yourself will be, as your thoughts create reality. The difference is, and the path of enlightenment is, to see clearly the truth and true Voice versus the voices everyone else has contributed – the chattering monkey mind. That’s where I’ve been headed anyway. Part of the reason of my hermitage… the less people I interact with the easier it is to hear the true self. I’m not sure if any of this makes sense. It’s the quandary I’m in at present. Watts continues to ring true: when you realize you haven’t got a prayer, you cannot quiet the mind, you cannot stop desiring, you cannot overcome the ego, then what do you do?

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