Love – nourishment for the tree of compassion

Love is the watering for the tree of compassion;

Its boundless growth arises from

Joyous willingness to enter peculiarly challenging situations,

Sometimes having to undergo suffering,

In order to extract invaluable gems and realizations.

The vast spread of the branches of the tree of compassion

Comes from maintaining optimal Wakefulness throughout,

Founded upon the rock of fitting conscientious attitudes.

The growth and fall of leaves comes from

The uninterrupted series of resolutions to attain the perfect Unity Within.

Fertile flower and fruit come from success in the two endeavors –

Personal and divine-Cosmic.

9 thoughts on “Love – nourishment for the tree of compassion

  1. Oh right so its kind of like the maze runner in the way the characters are snatched of memories. Then theres this one man (the reciever) who takes upon him the ‘burden’ of memories. These memories include war and love and starvation amd every 10 (i think) years a new reciever is selected from the kids and the initial reciever becomes the giver and passes on the memories. Its a golden book.

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