Spiritual unawareness as a lethal dose of alcohol

Mullah Nasrudin went up to a drunken man who was leaping back and forth unable to walk in a harmonius gait, something staggering to clumsy fall, and started to try to help him walk. The man said a few words to the Mulla, and Nasrudin walked away, nodding pensively.

Some spectators asked: “Why did you not help him, Mullah?”

“Oh”, said Nasrudin, “he explained everything to me. The houses are going around and around. As soon as he sees his own house appear, he will leap in at the door. In that way he won’t have to walk home”.

Here Mullah Nasrudin offers the spectators a perfect opportunity to learn about their own spiritual unawareness which is more lethal than the alcohol itself. This is the case in all societies where it is always so normal for everyone from the greatest intellectual to the most ordinary man in the street to operate from a half-eyes-open as they tread through life.

There exists two dimensions as the existence of every being – one material the other one immaterial . More often than not, the former is awarded precedence while the latter is abandon, an act that ostensibly causes one’s life to be in the likeness of a house where everything rests from the ceiling – downwards-upwards – as the purported way of gravity. That is, people go seeking for happiness, peace, meditation etc. in all the wrong places, yet sticking to what they achieve as the ultimate purpose of their lives.

Over prolonged periods of time, men unconsciously alter the meaning of things and experiences whereby the experience of enlightenment of a man that existed thousands of years ago becomes impossible to fathom in the modern times. That could also be used to explain why some people are so devoted to certain paths of religion or belief yet fail to discover Bliss. Religious piety, if blind or insincere or impure is needless.

6 thoughts on “Spiritual unawareness as a lethal dose of alcohol

  1. Knowledge and understanding then can be like art: so much can be learned by looking at the subject from another perspective. The element of surprise reveals previously hidden, and always presupposed details we mask with our own expectations…

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