The perfect student makes the perfect teacher

How to Learn

“How is it that you have learned so much appertaining to the ways of wisdom, Mullah Nasrudin, yet you are barely thirty years of age?”

“By talking a lot. I string together all the words I can think of. When I get interesting, I can see the respect on other people’s faces. When that happens, I start making mental notes of what I have said and make a conscious effort to cultivate in that direction”.

Here Mullah Nasrudin serves as a good illustration on the ways of practicable learning. Many are scared to learn something new in the fear that that might disturb their comfort. But unfortunately the way to the Ultimate Understanding of reality is a very constricted path because practice and experience is what makes mundane men morph into supremely enlightened beings. Thusly, a Buddha or a Zoroaster or a Jesus, or a Lao Tzu, or a Confucius, and the most eloquent philosopher is not born as resplendent as they end up being both in their Earthly life or in posterity. The same theory cuts through all other types of careers and professions where practice is the ultimate guarantee for the perfection of learning.

The act of learning can viewed as in a normal distribution (a statistical term) which means that all learning has to begin from some ‘origin’ [realization] and then proceeds in a continuum that in the end may set a colossal difference in intelligence levels between two individuals who have followed two diametrically opposite paths of learning – metaphysical (a function of mysticism) versus ordinary schooling.

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