Happiness of generosity

Generosity accompanied by boundless compassion,

Generates the happiness of generosity in the brave and wakeful.

Happiness derived from all sensory experiences put together,

Does not touch the slightest portion of it.

Compassion, generosity and opportunity

Always increase for the consciously merciful individual;

And wherewithal come the happiness born of

Love helpfulness, and powerful ability.

Thus, a man/woman well established this way

Causes increase, increases, he/she helps develop other beings, he gladdens, attracts, and leads —

Compassion has a subtle way of motivating

Those that are not well cultivated in the merits and virtues of generosity.

Thus the compassionate one, uninterested in his own happiness,

Joyfully gives (the benefits of illumination),

As it were, his own generosity—

To other beings he gives gifts,

As well as the fruits of that giving itself,

Since the happiness of others is his happiness.

The enlightened giver, though he is disinterested,

Thereby keeps getting wealth more abundant and impeccable;

But he does not consider that as the ultimate source of happiness,

For him this provides more opportunity for the continuity of giving.

For, it is in giving that we actually RECEIVE.

10 thoughts on “Happiness of generosity

  1. This really struck a chord with my values and ethos…”provides more opportunity for the continuity if giving”. I am at my happiest when I see my students and family flourish and grow… Shared on Create Space.

    Liked by 1 person

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