Humor: The fallacies of psychoanalysis

I will share a joke with Sufi Mystic Mullah Nasrudin as the starring. His adorned confusion represents the drama in the modern world where people seek the wrong solutions to the wrongly perceived problems – depression, suffering, stress, unhappiness, discontentment – in avenues where they are sure not to find correct answers and cures. And yet all human sufferings and challenges are self-induced, through the long arm of cause-and-effect (one of the immutable laws of Nature) Mullah chooses to play the role of the man of ordinarily sane intellect in the society.

“Why do you want the snakebite venom antidote, Mullah?”

“Well, I picked up a stick I thought was a snake”.

“But that wouldn’t bite you!”

“But what about the real snake I picked up to hit the stick with??!!”

<Long live the Mullah>

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