Sacred Key: From Master to Disciple

Transmission of the Lamp

Clearly, it’s impossible to be clear about the beginnings of this ageless key to wisdom – a tradition that winds back through the millenniums. One would be tempted to say, “Here it commenced” or “That was the man who spoke the first word” but, however firm one’s tone of voice, or authoritative, however dogmatic one’s assertion, one cannot lay bare the earliest, the primal root. This is to mean that even the most prominent salvific figures in all traditions had at some point to serve under a Teacher with fervor and purity of intention, in order to cultivate their experience of the Ultimate Awareness.

Therefore, the more true the assertion is purported to be the more imprecise the tradition. This is the dilemma of most world religions and traditions where things change so much over the centuries that the minds of the people become overwhelmed by lower modes of life, ostensibly changing the original essence of the message of life. More organization of Truth does not attract genuine understanding of it from the masses. It has never happened.

On the sharp contrast, it is absolutely possible to trace the primordial [truly different from what the deluded mind looks for in mired illusion] in a tradition in which from Master to disciple, which is usually handed down through countless generations, something as nebulous as an awareness, a manner of being, a subtle process of learning, an alteration of mundane perception [akin to what ancient alchemists used to call “transmuting base metal into gold’], the development and cultivation of an inner conviction, an imprecisely defined method for achieving an incommunicable experience. Even the words I have used above to describe the sacred tradition would be surrounded by a haze of discussion, even of acrimonious argument.

The true ” method” to That Attainment is formless and nameless by nature.

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