The Wise

The tranquil state

of knowing Self alone is rare –

even among those who own but little or no wealth.

The wise, therefore, neither accept nor reject,

and are happy.

The body is strained by practices.

The tongue tires of scripture and intellectualism.

The mind numbs with prayer or meditation.

Detached from all such,

The wise lives as she is,

And she discovers unsurpassed happy.

Realizing that nothing, really, is done,

the wise do what comes

and is happy.

7 thoughts on “The Wise

  1. I have also thought about venturing this great subject. Dreams are of two types. Those that are superimpositions caused by the memories of thoughts stored in the conscious mind. Then there is that other type that arises from the subconscious mind coupled with creations from the superconscious mind.

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