Voidness of money as a legal tender

It is possible for someone or for a society to be too overwhelmed by the idea of money that they forget that there is no real value behind the paper that the legal tender is printed upon. There arise monstrous problems among a people where money is the determinant of values and relationship between different stakeholders. This way the true essence that is potential in all beings disparaged as nonexistent or insubstantial.

In the story provided, the Mullah seeks to teach the world that there exists a different Reality beyond all form, separate from that invented by men, where different parameters are used to determine whether one earns certain virtues and merits or not. Therefore, it is only when the inner essence is replaced with other things that one’s life runs into discord. That is, a pure and enlightened life is that which is not premised or conditioned upon anything. If morality is conditioned on expectation for material reward then that is false morality. Even true morality is not grounded on neither a desire for heaven or fear for hell.

When Mullah Nasrudin was on his travels, he chanced to stray into the Land of Fools. The people asked him what his work was, and when he said “I am a judge”, they made him a judge there.

One day a couple of men came before him to have a particularly tricky case tried.

The first man said:
“I am the plaintiff. This man asked me to help him cross a river that was apparently impassable. I said: “What will you give me if I help you?” He answered: “Nothing”. On that basis I helped him. But when we got to the other side of the river, he said he could not give me what I had been promised”.

“That is so”, said the other man, “I admit I spoke rather without thinking. When I promised him “nothing”, I did not realize that I hadn’t got any of it”.

“Oh, that’s all right”, said the Mullah, “we have a fund reserve of the very stuff here for the settlement of matters like this. Now, Plaintiff, just take up the corner of that carpet, will you?”
The man rolled back the carpet.

“What do you see underneath?”


“Splendid! It’s all yours. Take as much as is your due and go home, both of you, the two of you are generally good fellows”.

7 thoughts on “Voidness of money as a legal tender

  1. Isn’t it funny how people say money is the root of all evil while making it the highest priority? I’m guilty of it myself. I’ve fought with my ex husband and others I love deeply over something as silly as money. Yet those we see as “great” “successful” – artists, inventors, etc. they just stayed on course of their dream and gift. It is such a deep conditioning. I keep thinking how miraculous it is to be alive in a time like this. The amount of distraction and disconnection, it’s amazing to have any measure of self realization in this chaos, yet the very chaos is what drives you within! I tend to think there are so many brave and strong souls to transcend. To see themselves in the storms. It’s remarkable!

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