Wonder of a teaching buddha – Part I

Her victory over the subtle veil of ignorance ( and the suffering that arises therewith)

evokes wonder in people

but considering her great virtue gathered over countless eons,

I think this is just but a minor thing.

Even those who would lash out in fury to assault her

are not a heavy burden for her patience to bear,

encompassed as it is in such a worthy, universally versatile, vessel.

What is truly wondrous is this:

after she conquered the innumerable causes of human suffering,

and entered remainderless Nirvana, on that same night,

she was able to transcend Nirvana itself —

the unmistakable fruit of unconditional compassion.

He who is amazed at her victory over opponents and those firmly attached to heterodoxy,

might as well be characteristically amazed at the sun for dispelling the veil of darkness after the crack of dawn,

with its garland of trillions of trillions of ultraviolet rays.

She has over cured three significant types of venom with three antidotes:

passion with passionlessness,

anger with unconditional love,

and ignorance with wisdom.

7 thoughts on “Wonder of a teaching buddha – Part I

  1. Is it Kuan Yin you write of here? You must be peeking at my journal Philip hahaha these are the paths I’ve been setting my sights on. Not that I am there yet, but I remind myself. It’s the mastery of intention beyond trying. I hate the word trying. It’s false. If I am trying, then I’ll never succeed. While I may not be perfect, it’s the umbrella I carry. When all gets to noisy, etc, I have a constant reminder that all of this is just illusion such that my mind makes the noise. Such that my thoughts make the chatter. Such that my perception can see storms or rainbows with a choice. I know deeply all pain and suffering has now been a choice. I am
    The master of my own chaos, etc. it’s humbling and terrifying all at once. Yet, it is immutable. It just is. So what’s one to do? Dance in the rain. Sit in the rain. For in despair if the storm, you finally know there’s no try. There’s no do. There’s no anything beyond love, gratitude, and choice.

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