Philosophy concerning population

Where, really, is everyone going?

For a long time, the world was a very simple and blissful place. Nowadays life in the world is very complicated. The main reason for this is that there the human population has increased far too rapidly over relatively brief periods of time. In 1945 there were some two billion people living in this world. Through thousands and thousands of years of human history, previously, only two billion people appeared on earth, and that seemed to have been enough.

In approximately just the last fifty years since the end of the Second World War, three billion more
people have appeared, and now human beings have become more and more complex. Even the population to-day has increased tremendously. These facts are directly linked to the sudden increase in the amount of suffering that humans and other beings are now experiencing in the modern civilization. Let‘s look at this more closely.

Nowadays humans live more loosely together, so their relationships have become more complex. Their desire and ever-present reverence for material things becomes deeper and stronger. Their thinking is more complicated (in a way that hurts, in the end), their lives are more complicated, and consequently
there is much more suffering than ever before. Even the kinds of aggressions (and consequent mental and spiritual suffering) in the world have become more complicated as humans come up with absolutely new and unheard of weapons, espionage and new ways of hurting each other.
Human beings not only make each other suffer.

Nowadays, we bring much more suffering to all of the beings in this world. We hurt the air, the water, the grass, everything. Human beings cut down whole forests, and take away the green belt. We pollute the water, the air, the ground. Human beings always say they want freedom, but actually they are the number one dictators in this world. This is because even what mankind considers as freedom is still bondage disguised as bliss and happiness. Thanks to the peculiar fact that no man or civilization ever bothers to cure the root – the forever-stirred human mind – which is what source of all confusion and hankering.

Attempt to conduct a real or mental survey on a sample population of a few individuals and you might end up very surprised. Why do you live in this world? What are you doing in this world? When you are born, where d you come from? When you die, where do you go? Everybody says ―I don’t know. Even those who might appear to be the smartest and the bravest amongst the stock, you will quickly notice that they are mostly hiding their shy faces in empty intellectualism.

Everybody has a mask generously offered by their respective societies – where everybody is so busy going “somewhere” yet in Reality they aren’t moving an inch.

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